What is the price of effective video ?



How much will it cost? There is a tendency for some clients to award jobs on the basis of ‘blind’ quotes without taking into account the nature or the quality of the work that is to be done.
The point, of course, is that good video is always better than video that is merely cheap.
To put it another way, no matter what the budget, a good video company will always make it go further. Costs are based on a 3 man crew travelling to your designated location(s) with all of the equipment. This includes cameras, microphones, lighting and backdrops (if required).
N.B. We are pleased to offer a special discount of 20% off the full price to Social Enterprise businesses and Not-For-Profit organisations.

Our day rate breakdown of costs is as follows:

Director / DOP – £300 per day
Lighting Cameraman – £250 per day
Sound Recordist – £150 per day

Total = £700 per day + transport at 45p per mile.
To hire our studio in Brunswick House, Oldham with crew and equipment as outlined above is £120 per hour.
It may be possible to provide you with a videographer for simple productions at a rate of £250 per day (filming and editing) + travel expenses.
Post Production:   £350 per day
(Video editing, colour grading & audio mixing).

The time needed to edit the film(s) will depend upon the complexity of the filming and the concept or stories to be told i.e. how many people are in the film and how many different locations have been used plus music licensing (if required), addition of graphics and titles etc.
For a film that is shot in our studio it can take anything from 1 – 5 days to edit depending on the complexity. A film that has been shot in multiple locations or features multiple subjects can take longer.

Other Production costs can include production design / concept development, additional administration and costs related to delivery format which is usually charged at an additional 20% of the budget. (Again depending on the complexity and the amount of time needed to agree the production from it’s inception to the ‘signing-off’ stage.)
Photography Day Rate:   £385

This includes photography on the day, post processing (editing/Photoshop as necessary) and delivery in a format to suit your needs.

There are a lot of moving parts involved in video production and skill and experience is an important factor. If these prices are beyond your budget may I urge you to let us know what budget you have available and we will strive to work with you and be as flexible as possible.

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